List of Non Renewable Resources - Realistic Expectations in Supplies

There are only so many natural resources on planet earth and the sad thing is that once we have used them up there will be no more. Just as many species of wildlife have gone extinct, so too are we in danger of eradicating many of our natural resources from plundering them for altogether too long. Following is a list of non renewable resources which we should be vigilant in safeguarding.

Crude Oil/Petroleum

Most often when referring to non renewable resources it is in regard to those used as energy or in the production of energy. Unfortunately, crude oil/petroleum stands at the top of the list simply because it is appears to be the non renewable resource that is in scarcest supply. Current estimates state that the amount out there to pump will last at the current and projected consumption rates for only another 40 years. Is it any wonder why the cost of gasoline continues rising? At some point crude oil may be more precious than gold.


It is common to hear that we cannot know an exact amount of exactly just how much coal is left because, in the words of the experts, "It's buried underground." Nonetheless, many scientists have formulated the hypothesis that current coal resources in the United States have a running deficit of approximately 4 trillion tons. In the end, it is estimated that the United States 'probably' has enough coal, if data on projected usage is accurate, for approximately 146 years. If new reserves are added then it would last longer but if usage increases incrementally that time period could shrink significantly.

Natural Gas

It is projected that consumption of natural gas will increase by approximately 2.3% each year, as reported by the Department of Energy. Based on the current natural gas wells there is perhaps a supply large enough to last another 37 to 39 years. However, they are clear in saying that if new wells are found then that length could be stretched considerably. In fact, even though we are told that we have a supply great enough to last up to 39 years, they are confident that more wells will be found so the figure being quoted to the general public is the magic year 2075 when we will see a total depletion of earth's supply of natural gas.

Uranium/Nuclear Energy

Although there is quite a bit of uranium in the world, there really is a short supply of uranium which can be used for nuclear power. Unfortunately, many people have the erroneous notion that nuclear power falls on the list of renewable energy which couldn't be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, given current consumption and based on what we believe to be available to us, there is enough uranium to last approximately 85 years. On the other hand, scientists contend that when fast reactor technology advances, the amount of uranium available would be able to last 2,500 years.

The list of non renewable resources shouldn't be viewed apart from just how short in supply those resources are. It isn't enough to understand what they are and how they are used from day to day in terms of energy. It is more important to consider that these are non renewable resources, which means that when they are gone there will be no more.

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